Wooden Box

Regular price $50.00

Want to protect your Wild Gears package with even more robust materials?  Now you can choose two great reinforcement options.

1) A wooden box!  This laser cut box will be made from sturdy Baltic Birch Plywood and will be sized to your order so that it snugly contains all your gear sets for shipping.  It will be a finger jointed construction.  The box will be wrapped with a plastic wrap to contain it; rather than being glued or nailed shut.

The box in the picture is sized for the Whole Shebang one of everything bundle.  The box will be sized to the gear sets that are being shipped, unless you request a different size.

There are two options for wooden box: Large and Small.  The Large size box will fit any number of larger gear sets that you order.  The Small size box is sized to hold small and adjunct gear sets and will hold however many of these smaller area gear sets that you order.

2) A sheet of wood!  This piece of Baltic Birch Plywood will be sized to be a bit larger than your gear sets and will help protect the package from unfortunate bending or corner damage

3) Enhanced cardboard layers!  Very secure, recycled and recyclable, and less expensive.  This option will double up the cardboard packaging from two layers to four layers give a very solid block of protective cardboard around your Wild Gears.

The outer layer of packaging in all cases will remain sturdy snug cardboard.

The incidence of damage Wild Gears packages shipped globally is low.  Almost all packages arrive in good condition with only about a 1% damage rate.  It is still nice to have the option of extra protection if you want it.