Whole Shebang (one of every gear set)

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This big gear set bundle offers one of every gear set and includes:

Small Gear Sets:
Small Modular
Small Drops

Large Gear Sets:
Full Page
Strange Shapes
Strange Shapes 2: Stranger Shapes p1, p2
Enormous Hoops
Linear Modular; wavy, rack, and extra long rack
Oval 2
Nested Oblong
Full & Plentiful Hoops
The 120
Doubling Enormous 
Modified Enormous 
Mandala Maker & bonus hoops and connectors
Modular Oblong
Double Dense p1, p2
Shapes Hoops
The Kitchen Sink p1, p2, p3
Square Hoops
Encyclopedic 2 31-90; p1, p2, p3
Rack Shapes; p1, p2, p3

The Mammoth Gear Set

The Mammoth Gear Set 2

Adjunct Gear Sets:
Triangle Hoops 
Modular 4-way connector
Four Modular 3-way connectors
Double Dense Adjunct
180 with oval
Oval: Singular gear set


Other odds and ends:
Tiny Gear Set
112 Gear Set
Doughnut Card
Linear Modular End Caps

This bundle includes free shipping and the wooden box for enhanced shipping security.


There is a "+thick hoops" variant of this offer.  In addition to all the above listed gear sets it also includes page 1A, 1B, 2A, and 2B of the "Thick Hoops" option of The Kitchen Sink gear set.


Not included: Bespoke Enormous gear set.  If you are interested in the library of bespoke enormous gear sets please email info@wildgears.com to enquire about pricing and availability

There are a few gear sets, like the modular gear set and some of the linear rack ones that have a small version that is a strict subset of the full sized version, the small versions are not included.