The Kitchen Sink

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This set of gears is collected to fill in some of the thematic gaps that other gear sets have left.  There are some double dense gears, some off-center rings, series of hoops in some pretty small increments.

This package contains 3 large gear sets.

Page 1 has hoops in 16 tooth increments as well as a bunch of double dense and offset gear in gear shapes.  Page 2 has a large set of 20 tooth increment hoops and some small double dense gears.  Page 3 has some larger double dense gears as well as off center hoop gears.

The hoops in page 1 and page 2 are quite thin and as such easy to break if handled roughly.

The "Thick Hoops" option for this gear set takes page 1 and 2 and splits each of them into two sheets where the nested hoops are on alternating sheets to make them thicker and stronger.