Small Drops Gear Set

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 This gear set explores two variation of a new shape: the drop gear.  One of the shapes is like a rain drop or an egg and the other shape looks like a squashed circle, perhaps a bit like if it a ball of clay was dropped on the floor.  Of the drop gears the two shapes are 'drop' and 'dropped', or more clearly 'egg' and 'squashed'.

The egg gears in this set are: 72, 60, 56, 54, 48, 40, 32, 25, 20

The squashed gear in this set are: 72, 36, 32

In the second picture for this listing you can see two gears that have portions that are blue, pink, and green.  The blue is 180 degrees of one size circle, the green segment(s) are 60 degrees of a larger size circle, and the pink segment(s) are 60 degrees of a smaller size circle.  For example in that picture the egg is a 32 tooth gear, the blue segment is made from part of a 30 tooth gear, the green is made from parts of a 42 tooth gear, and the pink at the top is part of an 18 tooth gear.

These gears have pen holes aligned with each of the blue, green, and pink segments.  each set of pen holes give different types of shapes.

An example of a unique design that can be made using the 72 drop gear can be seen in the listing pictures.  The design used a 360 ring, in that a 280/144 gear, and the 72 in the 144 cutout.  The 360 and 280/144 are both from the Enormous gear set.

The square frame of this gear set is 20 cm x 20 cm, this is the standard size of a small gear set. 

This gear set comes with no doughnut pieces as the gears only have small pen holes.

Pen for scale; pen not included.

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