Oval 2 gear set

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This is a large gear set featuring a selection of soft ovals with ratios of side to point at or near 1.5.  The frame is cut into 4 sections for easier handling and storage.

The frames have cutouts of 200, 192, 168, 80, and 72

There 6 oval hoops: 200/150, 150/120, 192/144, 144/110, 168/140, 140/100

There are 6 oval gears: 120, 110, 100, 80, 72, and 36

The composition of specific ovals, in terms of the curve of the ends and the sides, can be found in the gear set image.  For example the 168 oval is comprised of 192 and 144 segments.

The square frame of this gear set is 40 cm x 40 cm, this is the standard size of a large gear set. 

This gear set comes with a set of medium doughnut pieces: 3 of each 4 medium sizes, no large doughnut pieces are provided with this gear set as it has no large pen holes.

Pen for scale; pen not included.

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