Multi Dense Non-Circular Gears

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This is a gear set that is basically finished, it has all the polish and layout and details of a finished gear set, but might undergo some revisions in the coming months before it is declared 'finished' and becomes unchanging.

This gear set features non-circular gears with more pen holes than ever before.  There are two variations of the 'more pen holes' theme. 

The first is akin to regular double dense gears.  There are A, B, C, and maybe D, columns like with double dense gears.  But in this case each of those columns also has a 'fan' of pen holes that fans out from the axis of symmetry that the column is centered on.

The second variation of 'more pen holes' is in the lateral (side to side) density.  This feature is only possible because of the fans of pen holes and the shape of the gears.  Instead of being labeled 'A, B, C, ...' these lateral dense fans are marked with 'I, II, III, ...'.  These allow for making a fan of pen holes that effectively has a column at every gear tooth.

This Gear set includes the double dense and lateral dense versions of the following gears:

- 120 (180/60) square

- 120 (180/60) triangle

- 108 (168/64) square

- 108 (168/64) triangle

- 72 (120/24) square

- 60 (100/20) pentagon: only the double dense, no lateral dense version.

the frame is cut into smaller pieces so each of the large shapes has at least one individual frame piece.



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