Modified Enormous Gear Set

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The Doubling Enormous Gear Set and Modified Enormous Gear Set both explore similar themes. 
These gear sets are both about having a big gear with gear cutouts that share as many common factors as possible. So cutouts that are a half, a third, things like that. These cutout gears with similar prime factors to the gear that they are in are good for exploring gear in gear designs that could yield more dynamic designs than the common 'braid' style. Designs with unusual symmetries.

Gears in the Modified Enormous Gear Set: 360/324 hoop, 324/288 hoop, 288 (cutouts: 144, 72, 72 [square], 36 [oval]), 144 (cutouts: 72, 48), 72 (cutout: 48), 72 [square], 72, 48, 48 (cutout: 32), 45 [triangle], 36 [oval], 32

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