Paisley gear set

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The Paisley gear set explores the designs that can be made using these lovely asymmetrical gears.  It is a large size gear set (40 cm x 40 cm) and a companion sheet of 1/3 size (40 cm x 13 cm). 

It has 7 paisley gears: 240, 200, 196, 192, 180, 162, and 72.  It has companion gears for each of the paisley pieces that are 1/2 the tooth count. 

It also has two positioning pieces that have part of a 12 tooth gear in them and are designed to help precisely reposition and rotate the paisley pieces around their small end.

 The green background photos are of V4 of the Paisley gear set and so don't show the updated text, but they show the shapes and scale so nicely that they will stay for the time being.

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