Encyclopedic Gear Set

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The Encyclopedic Gear Set is 7 x 7 inches (15 x 15 cm) and contains 41 gears. The gears include 2 of every gear size from 12-30 teeth. Each size of gear has an 'T' design and a 'G' design.

The difference between the T gears and the G gears is that the placement of the holes relative to the gear teeth is shifted. If the T design holes line up with a tooth the G design holes will line up with a gap between teeth. This feature is necessary for making designs involving epitrochoids and hypotorchoids that lineup. Without the T and G gears any complex designs that use both epitrochoids and hypotrochoids (40-12 ring-gear and 40-12 gear-gear for example) will have the two components misaligned by a small amount.

This gear set also includes, for the first time, 1.5 mm pen holes (tiny), in addition to other sizes. Other gear sets include 3 mm (small), 6 mm (medium), and 10 mm (large) pen holes. These smaller pen holes allow for a wider range of design options and closer hole spacing.

Not all pens fit into 1.5 mm pen holes although there are many readily available pens that do. Pens with a metal barrel tip will usually work.


Version note:  This gear set was updated to use T/G rather than A/B on June 6 2023.  It was also given a general rework of lettering to make numbers bigger and bolder for easier reading where ever possible.


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