Wild Gears - Introduction and Guide

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This introductory Wild Gears guide was written by Jochen Poidinger and covers a variety of practical topics for using Wild Gears.

Here is what Jochen has to say about this guide:

" Wild Gears offers a huge opportunity to create spirographic drawings. A lot comes from trying things out and individual skill. Some essential basics that make it easier to start this fascinating drawing hobby are explained and illustrated here in detail."

The guide is 26 pages with lots of helpful pictures.  It covers a range of topics about getting started and getting creative with Wild Gears.  It isn't, and couldn't possibly be, an exhaustive description of all techniques but it is an excellent guidebook if you want some direction and instruction.

The broad topics covered in this guidebook are: Introduction, terminology, tools for keeping parts stationary, math for Wild Gears made simple, how to make predictions, pen technique, doughnuts, gear in ring, gear outside gear, multi-gear systems, examples and composition techniques.  As well as a table for determining number of petals for different gear/ring combinations.

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