Mandala Maker Gear Set

Regular price $99.00

The Mandala Maker Gear Set is a new way of making big art. It is a system that moves around a central gear. The system holds a ring that can be used with a gear inside it to make designs. The ring can be moved side to side in the system; this allows the distance from the central gear to be adjusted.

The system (shaped like an eclair) meshes with the central gear and moves around the central gear; this allows for offsetting by a set number of degrees.

Current step sizes for rotational movement around a central gear are 3 degrees and 3.75 degrees (120 tooth gear and 96 tooth gear as the central gears)

The Mandala Maker also comes with some extra pieces for more options on how to step around the central gear as well as a set of hoops including 120 and 96 gears.

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