Version 3 overstock sale!

Image of Version 3 overstock sale!

Gear sets from version 3 of wild gears and some v4 gear sets with minor visual defects.

v4 gear sets on offer:

Enormous Gear Set: Missing the 360/336 hoop. During packing the piece was broken. Everything else about the set is in good order.

Strange Shapes 2 page 1: this is the first sheet of the strange shapes 2 gear set. It has some imperfect engraving for the lettering and hatchmarks. Some of the gears may have small plastic spurs; these will probably break down with regular use of the gear set but may require some attention to remove.

Note: version 3 gear sets are the series that have been being sold since the last major re-design in 2017. Version 4 are the new gear sets that started selling August 2019. The biggest difference is that v4 gear sets have engraved numbering and markings that are much more easily read than the previous v3 gear sets.