Hoops Gear Set

Image of Hoops Gear Set

This Gear Set is designed to be a companion set to the Compact or Full Page Gear Sets.

The hoops gear set is a small gear set that is a collection of nested rings. It provides a selection of the largest rings that can be fit onto a small gear set.

In the picture for the hoops set you can see that there are lots of sizes of rings available but also that each ring is narrow so it can be used a a third piece between a big ring and a gear, this use makes new designs possible that cannot be achieved any other way.

Check out this article about all the different ways to use Wild Gears. Example 3 is very relevant to the hoops gear set.

The gear/ring combinations in the hoops set are:

This Gear Set is an expansion to Wild Gears. The Full Page and Compact Gear Sets are the two base sets for Wild Gears. All the other Gear Sets are designed to work in conjunction with one or both of those sets. If this is your first Gear Set it is recommended that you start with the Compact Gear Set or Full Page Gear Set.

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Fluorescent acrylic gear sets are made on demand and may take 2-5 days longer to ship than clear acrylic gear sets.