Enormous Gear Set

Image of Enormous Gear Set

This Gear Set is designed to be a companion set to the Compact or Full Page Gear Sets.
The Enormous Gear Set v3 is cut from a 15 x 15 inch sheet of acrylic and is designed to produce the biggest gears and designs possible. The largest gear in this set measures 14.5 inches in diameter. This set includes the following gears:

60 (square 80/40)
66 (triangle 120/48)
336/280 hoop
360/336 hoop

This set can be used on its own but was designed as a companion set for the Full Page Gear Set or the Plentiful Gear Set.

The gears that are labeled as triangle or square in the list of gears are non circular gears the numbers separated by the slash indicated what size circles arc segments were taken from to make the 'sides' and 'corners' of these non circular gears. This is useful to know when using the gears because a triangular gear with 66 teeth and made from 120/48 would be able to be placed inside a 96 tooth ring (for example) but would not work in any ring smaller than 120. Similarly when using the 66 triangle ring any gear larger than 48 will get stuck in the corners because it is too big.

This Gear Set is an expansion to Wild Gears. The Full Page and Compact Gear Sets are the two base sets for Wild Gears. All the other Gear Sets are designed to work in conjunction with one or both of those sets. If this is your first Gear Set it is recommended that you start with the Compact Gear Set or Full Page Gear Set.

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Fluorescent acrylic gear sets are made on demand and may take 2-5 days longer to ship than clear acrylic gear sets.