Discounted gear sets due to minor flaws or defects (updated Jan 20 with many new items)

Regular price $30.00

This listing will have one off entries for gear sets that are still good to use but aren't quite up to the standard of a full price finished product.


List of Imperfect gear sets:

  1. Compact gear set: visual defect, frosting along one edge.

  2. Full Page gear set: crack in top left corner, reaches gear but gear undamaged

  3. Full Page gear set: crack in frame around 126 gear and through 126 gear; gear likely in two pieces

  4. Full Page gear set: missing 1 cm of frame on the right side: makes that side more fragile and corners aren't quite rounded properly but there is no inherent impact on any gear or function.

  5. Plentiful gear set: minor warping of 192 and 160 gears. They should still work fine but if sitting flat there is a small warp to them (1-1.5 mm probably) but if flipped over they sit flat and have a slightly raised center.

  6. Plentiful gear set: only the frame no gears

  7. Plentiful gear set: only the frame no gears

  8. Strange Shapes gear set: corner crack in frame (top left) around the corner of the 144. Gear not damaged.

  9. Strange Shapes gear set: loose gears from the strange shapes gear set; no frame. This is an assortment of some of the gears from the gear set. These come from some major element of the gear set not cutting properly making the frame and the large gear un-salvageable. There are several bags of these gears (4?) one per customer.

  10. Strange Shapes gear set: 78 and 63 triangles not fully cut all the way through.

  11. Enormous gear set: just one offset column of pen hole numbers. Small pen hole column be is raised by almost one hole pen hole

  12. Enormous gear set: several offset pen hole number columns. Assume that all the number columns are offset and you'll be happily surprised for the ones that aren't. The offset is up by almost one pen hole.

  13. Enormous Hoops gear set: hoop numbers offset. The column numbers for the pen holes on the hoops are offset up by almost one pen hole. It looks like the central gear numbering is okay.

  14. Nested Oblong gear set: 96/63 too crunchy. When a gear cuts almost all the way though it will pop out of the cut but have little burs of plastic from the last fraction of a millimeter of plastic that didn't get cut away, sometimes small chips out of the gear or the frame at the bottom too. Too crunchy refers to how the gears will probably roll but there is a small unevenness and tiny crunch as these burs are slowly worn down. The rest of the gear set should be fine. This one part might work perfectly with a bit of attention, or it might always be too rough or otherwise non-functional.

  15. Double Dense gear set P1 & P2: offset number engrave. Some number of the pen hole column numbering is offset upwards by almost one pen hole in height.

These gear sets are sold as is and no replacements of defective parts will be made. Any gear sets with cracks that are further damaged in transit cannot be replaced but in the case of extreme damage a store credit may be issued.

The cut quality on these gear sets is perfect.  Most of the engraving on these gear sets is perfect.