Discounted gear sets due to minor flaws or defects (updated Sept 14)

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This listing will have one off entries for gear sets that are still good to use but aren't quite up to the standard of a full price finished product.


List of Imperfect gear sets:

1)Hoops gear set: Ghost Engrave.  The first engrave of the numbers on this gear set were too faint and weedy.  I made the text bolder and re-engraved so the gear set has good clear numbers everywhere, but there are ghosts of numbers too.  See the pictures for details.  This was a batch of several gear sets so the pictures show the general effect but might not show the exact gear set you will receive.

2) Encyclopedic gear set (A/B engrave):  I've updated the engraving on the encyclopedic gear set so that it uses the T/G notation to match the Encyclopedic 2 gear set.  This listing is for the remaining old versions of the gear set.  There is nothing wrong with this gear set aside from the fact that there is now a more current version.


3) Compact gear set (just a little thin):  This gear set is cut and engraved with no issues.  Sometimes the acrylic sheets are a bit thicker or thinner than the target of 3 mm.  Usually only by a couple tenths of millimeters.  These gear sets are between 2.5 mm and 2 mm thick depending on the specific one.  This gear set will still work just fine.  The thinness of it might make it a bit easier for the gears to hop out of the rings, but then again a thinner lighter set of gears might be a pleasant feature for you as it is also lighter and so will be easier to roll.


These gear sets are sold as is and no replacements of defective parts will be made. Any gear sets with cracks that are further damaged in transit cannot be replaced but in the case of extreme damage a store credit may be issued.